• The new Folia collection, designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, is highly inspired by nature and its slow and deep vibration. This vibration was written another way with this images shot with Johan Rosenmunthe, a young Danish artist, whose work explores the energetic level variations of matter according to the social importance of objects, which change with the time . These images are featured in the new issue of Facettes, where the brand shows stories around the creation and the manufacture history and savoir-faire.  Dedicated this time to the strength of nature, this second issue gave us the opportunity to stage Folia, latin origin of the word feuilles (leave) and folie (madness) in French….

    Art Direction, concept and styling : Armelle Lalo assisted by Frédérique Holl
    Photography :  Johan Rosenmunthe
    Lights : Cécile Carassou
    Florals : Clémence de Dampierre


Saint-Louis – Folia — Concept · Art Direction · Photo Shoot · 2016